Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh, Saint Louis..... was the best-worst of times this weekend.

I held restraint at the Melting Pot on a four-course fondue journey that eneded in a flombe of dark chocolate, pecans, caramel with cheesecake, brownies, and other dippable goodies. I'm sticking to the belief that dark chocolate is healthy, for the moment.

There were other indulgences...
Taro pudding tea with tapioca bubbles? Yep. Can't put a lable on that one just yet, unless anyone else is knowledgeable in that area of cuisine. Tasty little goobery drink, though.

Breakfast yesterday morning was somewhat a loss. Continental breakfast at the Holiday Inn Express didn't allot for much more than starch and milk.

Made a trip to the World Market at I170 and hwy 40 that afternoon, followed by Trader Joes. Oh, it was so nice, and alway is, getting to pick little delicacies out from the shelves at the WM. We came home with canned pork liver pate from France (saving for the holidays...if I can hold off), red bean potato/rice balls from Taiwan (YUM), orange blossom honey from Germany, and Lemon curd from Scotland. We picked up some kind of holiday bread that is now in the freezer (it may be a Jewish traditional bread, but it will be a fun addition to xmas dinner this year), and a blueberry glazed goat cheese that sounded too exciting to pass up.

Today's event is going to be an oil change for the baby mobile and then off to Edwardsville for another hunt of a more larger booty of goodies. Any ideas, Lisa?

Weight: haven't checked...
Overal, not feeling too bad today...gonna make the most of it.


  1. In E'ville? You'll find a decent bunch of organic veg at Dierberg's, but my heart belongs to Edwardsville Frozen Foods (with the life-sized steer on the roof) on Main Street. If you're going to eat meat, buy it HERE. The bacon is divine, the ham tastes like ham, and the ground beef doesn't come from a scary mixture of 15 different cows.
    When you have a Friday afternoon to yourself--wait, does that ever happen for either of us?--we will take a field trip to Jay's on South Grand. It's my staple-food store, though when the durian is fresh, the whole place smells like feet and cheese. If you're wondering, things that smell like feet and cheese can taste like pudding.

  2. I would love some feety cheesey smelling noms! Never been nor heard of Jays. Is this a big place?
    I have walked under that cow at least three times before...just assumed it was a meat market. I will def. try that out. Turns out, Morgan had no desire to go on a grocery road trip with me today, and Allie was a fuss Tru Buy was all I managed. I can't blame them after waiting very patiently for an oil change (1hr). Tomorrow, I am headed to STl (again) for a baby check up. I'm googling the address to Jays :D